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[IP] Re: Quick Set advice


Lauren used the sils for about a year and a half and finally told me she
REALLY wanted to use the Quick Set. Our CDE told us the Sil is much better
for kids, but I figured, it's her body and her life, she can make some
choices. So we switched. Lauren absolutely LOVES the Qset. That said, she
absolutely must change it every two days, where the sil we could squeeze out
four days often. She still has good control, but not as great as the sils.
One day in the spring she had to use a Sil again for some reason (waiting on
a supply order or something) and she pointed out to me how amazingly better
her readings are on a sil. Still, she's sticking with the Qset and you know
what? She NEVER complains about changing sites like she used to and she's
much happier. I would suggest the 6 mm. She weighs 80 and is 4'10" and when
they sent the 9mm by mistake once we had a REAL problem. Also, get a few
inserters right away so you can have one at school, one at home, one in
supply bag. Good luck!


Mom of Lauren, 11, dx @6
Pump Princess of Plymouth
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