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Re: [IP] Day 1 on the Animas Pump


Have you used any other insulin pumps before?  Keep in mind, my perspective is 
that of a Disetronic H-Tron Plus user.

1) Temp Basals - On The H-Tron, basals can be set anywhere from 10% of regular 
basal all the way upto 200%.  On the Animas, I am restricted to using 50% - 
190% (0% is also an option).  When exercising strenuously, say long distance 
bicycling, running, hiking, etc, 50% basals are still too high.  I often need 
to goto 20%-30% to maintain my bg @ 80-120 mg/dl.  The solution according to 
the pump rep is to create a separate basal profile that is 50% less than my 
normal basal, and then from there set a temp basal of 50%, thus equating to 25% 
of my normal basal.  I don't like this solution at all whatsoever.

2)Cartridge volume readings - The animas will only show volumes in increments 
of 5 units (260, 255, 250 etc).  The H-Tron shows it in tenths (260.1, 260, 
259.9, etc). The animas will show you your current basal in hundredths (1.60), 
but when you want to see total daily basal it will only show you to the nearest 
rounded unit (35).  The H-Tron will show you your actual basal to the nearest 
tenth (ie 35.1).  On the animas to view your actual 24hr basal you need to 
review each individual basal segment.  Rounding to the nearest unit is 
unacceptable, whenever I have made basal changes, they rarely exceed a couple 
of tenths @ a time.

3)Battery compartment - (4) 357 batteries need to be manipulated in a very 
tight space ever just so.  If they are inproperly inserted you need to use a 
special little tool to shoehorn them out.  This same little tool is needed to 
replace the red waterproofing red around the compartment every time you replace 
the batteries.  Both of these operations require much in the way of delicate & 
precise manual dexterity.....and I'm not old or infirmed, or weak. I'm only 26 
y/o!  You must carry this little tool around or risk not being able to replace 
your batteries (if you inserted them inproperly in the 1st place.  The H-Tron 
batteries are easily changed with any US coin (used like a screwdriver to 
dethread the batteries.

4)Priming - This is really dangerous in my opinion.  To prime, the pump must be 
active and not in suspend mode.  On the disetronic, the pump is always in 
suspend to prime. 

5)Key presses - The menus & submenus require many more keypresses than the H-
Tron does to retrieve the same information and/or functions.  The Animas has a 
nice feature of retaining more insulin delivery history.

6) LCD Screen - As I've said, I love the backlight.  BUT, the screen itself 
seems much more prone to damage than the H-Tron screen which has a clear, hard 
plastic covering.  

7) Audio Bolus Button - The Animas like the H-Tron has a button that can be 
depressed inder clothing to discreetly give boluses.  On the Disetronic, when 
the audio is shut off, the delivery confirmation beeps are shut off as well.  
This is not an option on the Animas, and thus to me, seems to take awy from 
being able to "discreetly" bolus.  Although not much of a hinderence to me, the 
ladies might not like this, and thus be better served by the Minimed remote, or 
the Disetronic.

It's not a bad pump.  It is discreet looking; it looks more like a beeper than 
a Disetronic or Paradigm does.  It has some features which seem as if they 
would appeal more to the parents of young pumpers.  

I'll have more to report in the future, especially after I get a chance to 
compare vs. the D-Tron Plus at the end of October.

To: <email @ redacted> 
Subject: Re: [IP] Day 1 on the Animas Pump 
From: "Bob Hillier" <email @ redacted> 
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 09:00:06 -0500 
Reply-To: email @ redacted 

What are some of the things you don't like about the animas?  I will be
hookingup shortly, and I would like to be prepared.
Bob, form the heart of Illinois

>>> email @ redacted 7:52:41 AM 10/3/02 >>>
Just hooked myself upto the Animas loaner this morning.  I will have
this pump 
for 1 week.  Looks &amp; feels sturdy.  Already found some major things I
like about it, but I love the backlight that my H-Tron pumps lack.

I packed my Disetronic pump, insulin, opsite, infusion sets &amp; sites out
wazoo, etc today.  Figures though, I left my One Tiouch Ultra @ home
morning.  First time I've done that in a few years.

God certainly has a sense of humor about these things.  At least my
reading was 106 mg/dl; too bad I had a Starbucks Coffee Frappucchino
breakfast. :(

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