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[IP] Re: Backup pump vs meter - was: My Bad One Touch Ultra Experience

> <<I'm curious though about those who have 
> traveled outside the country.  Are meters and, especially, test strips 
> readily available -- and are they compatible with the meters found in the 
> US 
> ????>>

When we moved to the UK, Claire had been using the Glucometer Elite in 
Canada.  However, we couldn't get the strips for the Elite there.  The 
National Health Service pays for diabetic supplies, and the Elite was not one 
of the "chosen" brands that they would supply.  So we could have specially 
ordered them at great cost, or taken the alternative free.....  We had to 
switch to the Bayer Dex (called the Esprit over there).  It was an awful 
meter.  We returned to Canada with a good supply of strips and as per usual 
the meter in use broke again.  These Esprit (Dex) strips from the UK, did NOT 
work in the North American version of the meter, thus I couldn't even give 
them away.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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