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[IP] Re: Testing in the Middle of the Night

<FontFamily>>I'm so moved by the tenderness in the many mid-night 
testing  >experiences. Your children are very, very lucky to have you.  

I too am moved by the committment of so many of the parents on the  

One thing I have wondered about, though -- how many adults w/  diabetes 
here test once or more during the night, every night?  I never  have.  
When I was first diagnosed at age 21, I was given the standard  
instructions to "test 4 times a day" (morning, pre-lunch, pre-dinner, 
and  bedtime).  I think some of the literature I found recommended 
testing at  2am once every two weeks, but honestly I never even did it 
that often  (and I don't recall any doctor specifically telling me to).
  When I got my  pump, of course I did middle-of-the-night tests while 
setting my basals,  and I still do them every now and then to check how 
things are going,  but I certainly have never done it on even close to a
nightly basis.   

I guess what I was wondering is:  when your child was diagnosed, were  
you told specifically to test them every night?  Or was that something  
you decided on your own was a good idea?  If you were told  specifically
to test at night, was it presented as something your child  would have 
to do for the rest of his/her life?  Or just while they were  young, or 
while their bg's were being stabilized?  I would guess  (possibly?) that
hypos might be more dangerous for a young child than  for an adult, and 
that children might not be as skilled at recognizing them  or waking up 
on their own at night knowing they're having a low bg.  Is  that why 
nighttime checks seem to be more recommended for children  than for 

Anyway, I'm certainly not disputing that nighttime tests can be 
valuable.   I've definitely woken up in the morning more than once with 
a low bg  (particularly pre-pump), and who knows when during the night 
it started  dropping?  Maybe it would have been best for me (especially 
pre- pump) to have set my alarm for 2am EVERY night....I just never 

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