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RE: [IP] Animas IR1000 or Deltec Cozmo

You have to identify the 'update'. Was it a new feature, an improvement of
an old one or a fix for a problem? Animas has done all three. And I wouldn't
have bought a pump from Animas the first year or two.

There will always be someone out there being the first and I am usually one
that likes to have the latest and greatest. But when I am talking about the
safety of my daughter, I will error on the side of caution and sound proven


-----Original Message-----
From: jhughey

>>>Your point is taken, and I didn't want to start anything either. It's
that the first model of most products have some 'undocumented features' aka
'bugs'. >>>

Is that why Animas already has an updated model? However, if no one buys it,
how can it have any kind of history? Isn't this another YMMV situation? Some
people want the first, the newest, and the latest, others want it to be
around awhile.
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