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Re: [IP] endo appt.

I'm very lucky as well to have a great doctor. I was put on the pump a little
over 3 months ago when about 6 wks into my pregnancy, they expedited
everything because things were not going well and I was pregnant so they
wanted to get me on the pump asap. He said at the beginning it would take
about 2 wks to get things fine tuned, so I had to call him everyday to report
my glucose levels to him. That 2 wks turned into 4 wks and now it's been about
15 wks that I've had to phone him 5 days a week so that he can keep a close
eye on things. If I call him and he's not there he always calls back or if he
knows that he won't be around when I call him he'll call me first. He's a
wonderful doctor and I thank the Lord for giving me a supportive doctor. My
sugars have dropped a lot and my baby is doing very well at the moment. When I
do have my bad days, he always says not to worry, they can happen especially
during my pregnancy and reassures me that I am doing well and to hang in
there. I think it makes such a difference to have a wonderful, supportive
doctor and I hope there are others who also share our joy.


> People post all the time about
> their lousy endos,I just wanted to say there are good
> ones out there..who look past the numbers to their
> patients.

your very lucky!! hold onto this doc as long as you can!!
i had a great doctor like this once but he has passed on :'(
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