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[IP] Re: ringing in the ears

>>Went to the ENT today about my right ear ringing constantly for the last 3
weeks. He said this was more common in diabetics (isn't everything). He put
me on an antibiotic, Allegra, and a vascular drug. Anyone else
experiencing this? >>>

Yeppers!! I have had a constant ringing in both ears for years now. I
understand some people have committed death to themselves to get rid of it.
It is extreeeeemly annoying, and sometimes it's like a switch to a higher
tone. I cannot stand windchimes and I think it's partly cuz of the
unorganized clanging that clashes with my head noises (okay, no comments
here!!) lol  I was told DM can cause the thin membrane in the ears to be
affected by BGs and this is why the deterioration. I have no hope of it
clearing up at this point. YMMV (~_^)

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