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Re: [IP] pullin off tape,,,and gushers...(for George)>

On 10/2/02 6:42 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> Uh, wouldn't a bath towel be better suited in some "gusher" situations???I
> know that I've flooded a hand towel on occasions.     :>\George<
> Well, George, if you have so much blood and are in a panic over it, I guess
> you would need a towel! The instruction to apply pressure works. I don't
> suggest "mopping" and wiping, as that is close to rubbing and massaging the
> site. You will have more blood to mop up in that situation.  Maybe, you could
> save the towel, call the Red Cross or local Blood Bank and offer them a
> donation?
> 8<)
> Bab

Those Blood Bank people seem to always insist on using their own needles to
get the blood, and you know how scared of needles I am!       ;>)

I'll remember the next time (hopefully a long time from now) to NOT lift the
towel (or whatever absorbent I have handy) for several (more than 10)
minutes.   It wasn't scary so much, it happened at work where we don't worry
about carpet stains so much at our printing business.   I mean it IS a nice
shade of red.       :>)

George      (who hasn't had a gusher in over a year)
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