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RE: [IP] Trigger fingers and arthritis

snip - Sorry to tell you that trigger finger is one of those things that
happens to diabetics. I have had all but two fingers operated on. There is
no other way to release the tendons other than to have them surgically
done. - snip

Excuse me - for you there may be no other way but there are other ways that
work for some of us. I used to have problems with trigger fingers years ago
(maybe 15???). Anyway, I had all but one taken care of with a single
cortisone injection for each occurrence. I would usually have one of my four
fingers of my left hand develop a problem every other year. The cortisone
didn't seem to cause as much of a problem with my bg as it apparently does
for so many others. I did have a problem with my left thumb one year and had
it surgically corrected because the same ortho who managed the care of the
other fingers felt that surgical release was safer/better for a thumb. Since
I trusted the doc after the previous (and subsequent) successes I agreed to
the treatment plan. I also found due to severe, two day, low bg headaches
that large doses of aspirin may only dull the headache but it will sometimes
release a trigger finger. btw, after all these years, I do have a finger
that is currently in the beginning stage of trigger finginitis - and no, I'm
not going to try the aspirin trick. I'm going to go for a week's vacation
and see if getting away from the keyboard helps. If not, what's one more
doctor visit, right. . . Donna
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