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[IP] endo appt.

Well,maybe this will be as boring as all get out to
the vast majority of readers out there,but I feel the
need to say it anyway.Today,I handed my endo a sheet
full of 300's-400's and waited for the bomb to fall,it
has been a rough month to the general health and blood
sugars.Anyway,he was better then understanding,he was
terrific-cancelled the  a1c test this time(because
this level of control is not typical of me...)which
made me extremily happy,I don't want to know how lousy
it is.He was great.People post all the time about
their lousy endos,I just wanted to say there are good
ones out there..who look past the numbers to their
      Heidi(who still pumps,regardless of bgs worse
then MDI)

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