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[IP] glucowatch

saw that you guys were talking about the glucowatch.  I am thrilled to say
that Maverick's doctor recently wrote me a prescription for one.  On the
information at their website, it says that it is approved for children ages
7-17.  Maverick is only 2.  His doctor said it would be fine, they just
haven't done a lot of research with the younger kids.
The down side is that most insurance will not pay for them.  My doctor is
going to write a letter stating that since Maverick cannot communicate his
symptoms of high of low, he needs one.  If it does not work, I am still
going to order.  We just won't be able to use it everyday.  The watch itself
is supposed to cost about $500.00, but the patches used on them cost $4.00 a
piece.  You can use up to 2 patches a day.  That can be a little pricey.
If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to talk.
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