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Re: [IP] Re: [IPn] (Fwd) California Assembly Bill 481

At 12:50 PM 10/2/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >Can anyone tell me whether this bill (re diabetes care in California public
 >schools) was signed by Gov. Davis???

It was vetoed.  Here's the veto message:

To Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 481 without my signature.

This bill would require a credentialed school nurse or other licensed 
nurse, or in the absence of a nurse, teachers who have volunteered and 
school administrators with appropriate DHS-approved training, to administer 
insulin or glucagon and perform testing and monitoring of a pupil's blood 
glucose level in accordance with instructions set forth by the pupil's 
physician.  Designated school personnel would be prohibited from being 
required to administer assistance to pupils with diabetes unless the parent 
or guardian has signed a waiver of liability.  In addition, pupils can test 
their blood glucose level and provide diabetes self-care in any area of the 
school or during school-related activities at the request of a parent or 
guardian and with physician authorization.

Existing law already provides that any pupil who is required to take 
prescription medication during the regular school day may be assisted by 
school personnel if a written statement is obtained from a physician and a 
written request is made by the pupil's parent/guardian.

This bill, while well-intentioned, would create a costly new state 
reimbursable mandate estimated by the Department of Finance to be 
potentially tens of millions of dollars.  Neither this bill, nor the 2002 
Budget Act contains an appropriation for this purpose.  In addition, I am 
advised by school district personnel that the immunity from liability 
language may protect neither the school district or school personnel from 

For these reasons, I cannot sign this measure.


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