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[IP] The Paradigm Has Landed (I got a pump!)

    I'm excited today because at 9:30 AM my Paradigm pump arrived as well as
my backup meter I requested from LifeScan. Then a few minutes later I received
three logbooks from MiniMed. Hey it's like Christmas!
    I had already done the workbook and watched the video, but I sat down and
watched the video with pump in hand this time. It is so great! It really does
look like a pager just a tiny bit heavier with a much sturdier feel.
    I selected the clear one and can see the pump guts. I can look at its guts
while it constantly puts insulin close to my guts. It came with two energizer
AAA batteries, a remote with a spare battery, a leather case with clip, a belt
holster, a zip-up case to hold everything, a user guide, a workbook and video,
and oddly two pump tubing clamps. No one has mentioned the need to ever use a
pump tubing clamp.
    I also got five boxes of Quicksets, two boxes of reservoirs, a Serter, and
a box of IV Prep pads. Thank you Blue Cross and Blue Shield!
    Why did I mention all of the stuff I received? Because I know that there
are some who are watching this list and are waiting for a pump. I just want
them to know that I was pessimistic beyond belief that I would not get the
pump, but it is here. I hope that all who are waiting for their pumps to
arrive that they will get that Christmas day feeling too.
    One last thing. When I reviewed the Alarm History while watching the video
again my Paradigm showed 01 Jan 2000 Rf Bad in the history. I called tech and
they said that when the battery is replaced this will show up in the alarm
history. My remote works fine, but I was concerned about the alarm in history
of a pump not yet used. I guess this is just another glitch that will be
corrected in a software upgrade.

Cody S. Alderson
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