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[IP] spare meter

I have a lesson learned about a not having a spare meter.
Sara was in a very big and important swim meet for her about three years ago.
She was expected to place top 5 in several events and qualify for nationals.
Ok get the picture? 13 year old stress off the scale. Now at meets of this
caliber parents are not allowed on deck, only coaches and workers. Sara is
perfectly happy to do her 30 minute BG checks so she can maintain extremely
tight control needed.
She gets her meter out to check right after warmups and in the busy deck
atmosphere she drops the meter. The back falls off and the batteries fall out.
One of the batteries rolls in to a crack in the deck flooring and no one can
get it out. Sara has dissolved into tears by this point. This is the day she
is swimming two of her national qualifying events.
We did not travel with a spare meter at that time. We had everything else but
never had a meter problem before and it was not a prescription thing so why
bother? We also did not have spare batteries, we put in new before we left.
These batteries were an uncommon size, AAAA I think. Anyway not a type found
at your local grocery store. We are in downtown Indianapolis, the middle of
Indiana University campus at the US Olympic trials pool and there is not a
single drug store or grocery around us let alone open on an early Sunday
We have to go to the main table and explain our problem and ask if anyone in
the place had a meter Sara could borrow for a couple of hours. So the
announcement goes over the loudspeaker. Sara has by this time crawled under
her towel because at 13 she feels the whole place is staring at her. Not true
but at 13 it feels that way.
Thankfully a mom from West Virginia had a daughter there, not a swimmer, that
was Diabetic and lent us her meter. She was wonderful. Did we learn a lesson
the hard way that day. We now take a full supply of every possible item with
us everywhere. We just assumed we had the bases covered, and you know that old
saying about assuming something....
A much better one is "better safe than sorry."  We laugh now at that day but
then it was terrible. We felt like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut
Pam, mom to Sara,16
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