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[IP] dietary instruction in med school

In medical school I think breastfeeding is mentioned
and I heard doctors usually average one course in
nutrition. Any doctors out there to inform us as to
their expertise on these matters.meg
I remember learning about breast feeding in ob-gyn and it was usually
considerd a bother when I went to med school 35 years ago. Nutrtion was
never taught in any class except biochemistry which I taught for several
years mostly I went over essential vitamins and why you need them, The
proteins, fats and their relation to energy production. Oh 35 years ago I do
faintly remember having a rather kindly woman come and taslk to us about
diet in relation to learning about diabetes ( which I did not have until a
year later). there was no carb counting, no rapid acting insulins, no blood
glucose testing, just urine glucose and acetones,diet was rigid, initially
there was no NPH insulin just protamine zinc and insulin which you mixed
with regular to get an NPH like response. No DCCT No A1c, spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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