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[IP] hairy area, cheating, etc.


     I am going to attempt to organize what I
reply to again this time, but, judging from
the excessive list activity, it may not

      1.   My god man there's too much hair there!

           ---   SNIP  ----

Well, I tried shaving the area...didn't really
notice a big difference.

But, one thing that DOES make a difference is to
use that "second skin" stuff...I don't know what
it is called off hand.
 If I put that on first, and then the infusion
set on top...then pulling it off doesn't really
hurt at all.  The bonus is that the second skin
stuff actually stays on better, as does the
infusion set.

I really didn't mind shaving...but not when it
doesn't really help anything.

          -----   SNIP  -----

     I too am extremely hairy on m chest area,
but do tend to have a rather large and bald
forehead area.
     The places where the sticky tape from the
sils do not stick, I supplement with an IV
3000 pad, into which I cut a diamond shaped
cut-out, so I am able to use the quick
disconnect feature.
     As to pulling off hair along with tape,
ouch, and no thanks.  I have found that no
matter what I use and no matter what I
attempt to use to increase the adherence
qualities of the pad, it does not work.  I
sweat heavily and everything comes loose,
so I avoid using my chest area, but find
that these is ample area around around my
butt area, and that is where I go.

    2.     Problem foods:

      My problem foods, meaning those foods
which I have difficulty covering for
include pizza, chocolate, and peanut
      Anybody have any good suggestions on this.


Arnold Berkowitz

            email @ redacted



dx: diabetes since 1980, pumper since 1999


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