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Re: [IP] Advice needed on middle of the night checks


  I have almost always checked Josh (age 10.5+ and DMer 5+ years and IPer 
2.5+ years) sometime during the night.  I now have a tendency to be up late 
until around midnight or later, so I will check his BGs before I go to bed.  
If they are OK I will skip the 3:30AM check. If he had a really active day 
(something I'm sure your 3 year old does every day) I will check him again at 
3:30 because that is when he will usually drop low.  We check upon waking, he 
checks before lunch at school, at 3ish before getting on the bus (1/2 hour 
ride home), before dinner, at bedtime snack time (8PMish) so that is enough.  
But as far as I'm concerned, you need to check him when you feel it is 
necessary.  I was always getting up during the night on MDI and our endo said 
I needed to try and quit getting up.  I have been known to actually go 5 
hours straight without getting up to check and it actually feels weird, and I 
usually wake up in a panic...'Is he all right??' type of thing.  So, yes, we 
may be sleep deprived, and yes it would be nice to not have to worry about 
our kids.  But you know what, if it wasn't this it would probably be 
something else, right???!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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