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Re: [IP] Advice needed on middle of the night checks

> To all parents, past and present, of toddlers/kids with diabetes,
> Our son is 3 1/2 years-old.  He has been on an insulin pump for a
> year and a half.  We were recently questioned about why we have not
> cut back on the number of BG checks we do.  We check him before
> every  meal, sometimes mid morning, always mid afternoon, when we go
> to bed, and then at 3 a.m.  The check mostly in question is the 3
> a.m. check.  We were told that it may have been necessary while he
> was on MDI with NPH, but  should not be necessary since he is on an
> insulin pump.  While that sounds tempting, from our sleep-deprived
> point of view, we are not sure that it is safe for him.  We have
> discovered several lows over the past year and a half, with numbers
> in the 50's, which prompted a basal rate change at 1 a.m.  Then,
> days or weeks later, the 3 a.m. check will show that the 1 a.m.
> basal rate needed to go back up, usually corresponding to a growth
> spurt.
> We would really appreciate your advice.  I wrote his diabetes care
> professional about this, too.

It is a matter of what you are willing to tolerate both for yourself 
and for your child. I checked Lily every night from the time she 
started pumping at age 11 (didn't know any better before) until she 
left for college last year. During the time I discovered numerous 
lows and highs as you have and once found her in a seizure and very 
low. That was enough to convince me that checking her every night was 
worth it to me. Mind you, that was once in 7 years. I don't know 
where some of the lows would have ended up had I not checked. There 
were many times I found her with bg's in the 30's and 40's and few 
even lower, but she was still lucid. Most of this was due to the 
extremes of her lifestyle, athletic, late to bed because of studies, 
weird teenage eating habits, etc... but .... ya never know. Getting 
up twice I don't like to do, once doesn't bother me -- kind of got 
used to it and since I'm pushin' 60, gotta take a leak anyway :-)

Yes, there are other kids in the house (4) with additional demands. I 
figure it was my turn since Mimi got up with each baby to feed and 
change when they were little, I had the duty with our special child.

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