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Re: [IP] My god man there's too much hair there!

> I would like to maximize the real estate available for infusion sets
>so do you other guys out there with a little hair there shave or just poke
>hope with the infusion set?
>    I got a sample of IVPrep tape and it sticks really good hair and all.
>Besides the discomfort of pulling the adhesive off has anyone had any other
>problems with the hairy-gut syndrome and pumping insulin?

Well, I tried shaving the area...didn't really notice a big difference.
But, one thing that DOES make a difference is to use that "second skin"
stuff...I don't know what it is called off hand.  If I put that on first,
and then the infusion set on top...then pulling it off doesn't really hurt
at all.  The bonus is that the second skin stuff actually stays on better,
as does the infusion set.

I really didn't mind shaving...but not when it doesn't really help anything.

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