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[IP] Animas IR1000 or Deltec Cozmo

The Deltec Cozmo has some really cool features, but you wont find anyone who
is wearing one right now, because it has not started shipping yet. That
being said, they may have a great product and great customer service, BUT
that has yet to be established. So it would be a gamble at this point to
choose a Cozmo. I can however, speak to the Animas pump. They have a pump
with outstanding features and a support organization that is second to none.
They have proven themselves, not only with me, but users across the country.

If we were selecting a pump right now, we would also be looking at the
Cozmo, but the fact that they haven't proven themselves, and Animas more
than has, we would still go with Animas. I love the features of the Cozmo,
and I like competition, maybe this will cause the Animas pump to get even
better. My experience with Animas customer service, I don't think could be
improved upon.

Good luck with your decision.

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

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From: Amy Layfield

Hi, my daughter is currently on MDI. We are going to start ins approval this
month for a pump. I had to go to our family physician because the ped endos
here are not very pump pro. We have already seen an Animas rep and I have
recently contacted the Deltec Cozmo rep. Have any of you looked at the Cozmo
pump? What is your opinion? We really liked what we have seen on the
about it. It is a choice between the Animas and the Cozmo. Thanks!

Amy mom to Brianna 12 dx'd 4-20-02
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