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[IP] Re: Weight Watchers

Hi Paula,
   I'm not diabetic, my 4 y/o son is. But I've been doing the WW points
program for the last few months and have lost just over 20 pounds so far. It's
sooo easy to follow the program, IMO. I also have to count the carbs for
everything because of JayJay. If you go for any of the WW frozen foods, which
are actually pretty good, the nutri. info. is on the package so that's easy.
The recipes on their website do not come with a nutritional analysis, though.
When I use one of their recipes I just count the carbs for the individual
ingredients as I put them in the pot, then divide by # of servings. I wrote to
them to ask why they don't give that info and they said they didn't need to
because that's the whole point of "points", you don't need to do any math,
they've already done it. (Cop out answer, I thought.) Slimfast.com has some
good recipes that do come with nutri. info. I don't reccommend their program,
though. I use quite a few recipe websites that do provide the info. I'd be
glad to give you a list.

Well, anyway, hope I've helped.

Allison Rogers
Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos
Pumping with "Zero"
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