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[IP] Trigger fingers and arthritis

I'm a 48 year old male, insulin dependent for 30+ years.  Had trigger finger
surgery about 2 years ago and have had regrets ever since.  It hasn't really
improved things much and the tendons of the rest of the fingers on that hand
have now all gone to-hell-in-a-hand-basket.  Can't really say for sure that
it's all related and the surgeon says it's not, but I'm still certainly not
convinced.  He refers to it as "diabetic hand syndrome."  The finger requiring
the original surgery locked while asleep and I couldn't straighten it in the
morning.  Never happened before and I didn't realize there was a problem.  At
any rate, as the other fingers on that hand are now affected, he wants to give
them some surgical relief.  I haven't let him do it yet, as I'm still not sure
that the initial surgery didn't start the whole thing in motion.  And for
whatever it's worth, they tell me there's no sign or indication of arthritis.
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