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Re: [IP] control/a1cs throughout our diabetes existence

At 01:11 AM 10/1/02, you wrote:

>***how long you've been diagnosed with diabetes;

Since July, 1963.

>***what your control has been like throughout your diagnosis

Actually very good.  I had my ups and downs through my teenage years, and 
back then, we didn't have the many tools available today to try to keep 
good control.  Pregnancy was interesting since the only measure of control 
back then was a visit to the doctor every 3 months or so and a blood draw 
2-hours after breakfast.  My ob/gyn kept a close eye on things, though.  My 
daughter is now almost 24 (in December) and healthy.

>AND ****if you're experiencing any (hopefully not) complications from this 
>lovely old condition.

No serious complications, had a bout of rotator cuff syndrome (similar to 
frozen shoulder) in both shoulders.

>   ill go first:  diagnosed 11 months ago (newbie) hehe, three a1cs were 
> 6.7, 6.4, and 10.2

Last A1c's were 4.8, 5.0, 5.0, 5.1.  I found a paper from my doctor back 
from when they first started doing A1c's and it showed it as being 
7.0.  I've had A1c's in the 5-range for years, but have managed much better 
without so many swings in Bg with the pump.

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