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Re: [IP] 504 plan - type protection for college students

> Michael wrote:
> "The
> accomodations he can expect will have to do with the usual things
> such as testing in the classroom, extra time, etc... nothing to do
> with housing. "
> This is true Michael, but they also cannot legally discriminate
> against him because of his diabetes. I had asked that if he was
> found unconscious, they call 911. what I SAID was, "I know many kids
> drink in college, BUT, if you find my son unconscious, it may be
> diabetes problems, and please don't just let him lie there."
> NOT about anything else.

I'm not trying to defend the school, just pointing out that for 
colleges, things are different. There are NO school officials out 
patrolling the campus like you find in a secondary or high school. 
Whoever might find you son under such unfortunate circumstances as 
you mention above is most likely going to be a "civilian" and it is 
no different than coming across someone lying in the street. This 
"stranger" will not know your son unless they happen to live in the 
same dorm or attend the same classes. What the college is trying to 
tell you politely is "welcome to the real world". It's up to your son 
to make sure that those who are around him daily know enough to help 
him if he should need help. The only accomodations the college is 
able (and required) to provide are those related to academics. They 
can't discriminate against him because he is diabetic, but neither 
can they offer him any special consideration or privileges other than 
some leeway for test taking. Universities don't have the restrictions 
on bg testing in the classroom that k-12 schools attempt to impose. 
They consider their students to all be adults that are responsible 
for themselves, thus the school assumes no responsibility for them at 
all as k-12 schools do for minor children.

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