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Re: [IP] removing insertion set

>>i can't seem to find anything in the workbook, or manual about the best ways
to remove the insertion set.  it looks pretty self-explanatory, but
sometimes that's deceiving.

any tips?

I use Quick-sets.
The basics is to remove the tape and pull the catheter out.
If there is any bleeding at the site, apply pressure until it stops.
You can either use your fingers to apply pressure or gauze or an alcohol pad.
I've been pumping since April and have not had any bleeding sites.

To remove the tape, 
you can be a man (Figuratively speaking of course) grab an edge and rip it out.
you can peel the tape back by rolling it loose (Rub it with your thumb.
You can combine this with wetting the site while in the shower.
or you can use adhesive remover to desolve the gummy part and the site will just about fall out.

I usual use a combination of rolling and ripping myself.

Good Luck,
John &amp; his faithful Paradigm.

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