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Re: [IP] control/a1cs throughout our diabetes existance

>>***how long you've been diagnosed with diabetes;

I was diagnosed just over 20 years ago...though I had symptoms of 
diabetes for about a year prior to that (but just didn't know it until 
after the fact)

>>***what your control has been like throughout your diagnosis

Control has been mediocre early on, but steadily improving.  I'm 
actually amazed at those whose blood glucose levels rarely go above 150 
or even 200, since mine are in that range at least once or twice a day, 
but for a short time period.  I used to eat by exchanges and gradually 
shifted to a carb awareness diet, without really doing carb counting.  
Then, about 4-5 years ago, a doctor that I saw TWICE (because he was 
one of those overly-controlling doctors who told me to do it his way or 
else he won't write my prescriptions) suggested that I look into carb-
counting. I researched it on-line, and switched over to it (as well as 
switched to my current doctor!), and have been living "free" ever 

>>AND ****if you're experiencing any (hopefully not) complications from 
this lovely old condition.

Actually, I've not had a single complication in all my years.  In fact, 
it is rather funny when they test for neuropathy.  One of the tests 
they do is to place a tuning fork on my foot.  I can feel the vibration 
in my foot longer than the doctor can feel it in his hand, so sometimes 
he is confused why I haven't told him I can't feel it, since he 
can't.  :-)  Anyhow, my eye doctor just a few months ago said that 
looking at my eyes, you would have absolutely no clue I had 
diabetes...especially a diabetic of 20 years.  I just have to thank the 
Lord for that, since I know my control hasn't been the greatest through 
the years.

>>  ill go first:  diagnosed 11 months ago (newbie) hehe, three a1cs 
were 6.7, 6.4, and 10.2
>>    your turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last A1c has 6.9, which was the lowest it has ever been.  That was 
one month post-pump.  Usually, it has been hovering between 7.0 and 7.2 
in the last couple years.  At one point my numbers were in the 8-10 
range...but I later learned that those numbers were for the 
glycohemoblogin test, NOT the A1C version.  Apparently they used to do 
a different form of it, and the scale didn't match up.  So, I don't 
know how the 8-10 range compares to the A1C ranges.
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