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Re: [IP] Chocolate (a little off topic)

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Just Me wrote:

> You mentioned M&amp;M's and then say "real chocolate".  I hope you meant "real
> chocolate" not this milky sugary stuff us Americans have been tricked into
> thinking is chocolate.  The Belgians (as a rule) don't consider a meal
> complete without a small piece of chocolate.  Very strong and rich with
> chocolate flavor - it would be unimaginable to sit and eat a pound of this
> "real" stuff.  I say if you are to indulge (not "cheat", but face it there
> isn't much nutrition in candy either) go for the best!

Yikes! Bite your tongue! Yes, SOME chocolate in the US is the sugary-candy
stuff, but there are several EXCELLENT chocolate makers in the US. (These
purveyors offer a high quality chocolate that easily rivals ANY european
brand). If you are into the whole chocolate snobbery thing, I'd say you
should check out Scharffen Berger chocolate (www.scharffenberger.com). It
is made in California, is very expensive, and is some of the highest
quality chocolate I've tasted.

I believe chocolate shouldn't be descriminated against though. I eat it
all, I love it all, and no one should ever consider it 'cheating' :)

chocolate addict
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