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Re: [IP] Neuropathy Presenting via Back Pain?

    I had similar horrible pain in my legs which progressed into neuropathy.
Mine was caused by a certain level of lack of BG control and lack of
sufficient exercise. I too thought it was the bed and everything else. The
pain would actually get me to cry out and I have an extremely high pain
    I got better control and made sure to work slowly and carefully to build
some muscle, stretch, and keep the blood moving through exercise. The pain
went away.
    Now I know you must have decent control due to your A1c's in the good
range, but what is your daily lifestyle as far as using your back? Do you
sit at a job? If so ask your doc about exercise. I know it might be tough to
believe but it worked for me.
    Just offering a tip that may or may not help. Of course as usual YMMV.
Good luck.

Cody S. Alderson
----- Original Message -----
> I'm 26, pumping for 4 yrs.  ALWAYS have had good control...A1C's
> always in the 5-6.5 range.  but I let my diet get sloppy over the past 12
> months.  Gained 20 lbs last A1C in August was 6.6 (actually that's the
> its been in about 2-3 yrs!)
> Symptoms:  Around Dec/ Jan started awakening with a sore/achey back.  This
> progressed rather quickly to intolerable pain that would wake me up @
> In February, we replaced the bed, thinking that it was an old mattress.
> help.  In March I checked myself into an ER because the pain was just so
> ER gave me a shot of Torodol, which helped immensely.
> Sed rate came back normal, X-rays normal. MRI. normal,etc.
> PCP gave me Celebrex & Percocet.  Celebrex alone was not enough....W/
> Percocet, all was well again in the mornings and i could sleep.  PCP
> referred me to a rheumatologist in order to rule out out Ankylosing
> Spondylitis which he did ( I had tested positive for gene maker HBLA-27
> 2-yrs prior - Labs were done because of a strange pain in my right elbow.
> After 2 yrs pain went away and is now in my right elbow).   After 2 months
> the narcotic cocktail, the rheumy wanted to ween me off.  Switched me to
10 mg
> of Amitryptolene (sp?) at bedtime, reasoning that it was effective in
> soft tissue pain.  Potential bone problems have been eliminated.
> The good news is that it works reasonably well, but I still wake up
> somewhat sore.
> When i saw the Endo in August he mentioned that Amitryptolene was
> used to treat Neuropathy w/ success.  Rheumy never mentioned the "N" word.
> wondering if that was what in fact he was thinking (haven't seem him
> Endo said he would do some research for me with his Neurologist friend.
> he had only seen 1 time in his career witnessed neuropathy being presented
> back pain and only is seen in about 5% of diabetic patients.
> Saw him again 3 weeks ago.  Says that an EMG is unlikely to find anything
> the back (most useful in diagnosing neuropathy in the extremities.  Upped
> dosage to 25mg of Amitryptolene.  Stated that my pain is more than likely
> neuropathy. :(  Big sad face....after 17 years of exception A1C's, I am
> disheartened if this is in fact true.
> Last few weeks, I have been waking up more sore than usual over the last
> months. Doc suggested that if increased dosage resulted in side-effects or
> effectiveness, he would try Neurontin, an anti-seizure med also used to
> Neuropathy.
> Any comments / shared experiences?  ANyway to rule in or out neuropathy?
> would I only experience pain in the morning after sleeping in my bed?
> noticed if I fall asleep on a couch or a reclining chair (yes I
> no pain resulted.  With my A1C's being close to perfect for all but the
first 2
> yrs of diagnosis, what can bring on neuropathy?
> thanks
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