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Re: [IP] Venting about new endo


  You are RIGHT!!!!  You DO k now more than those guys will ever know in 
their life times!  After the first 'scolding' I would have personally put 
that 'fello' into her place.  And then the endo walking in and not even 
knowing you or introducing himself!  Well, I would never have let them touch 
Joshua's pump.  We would have talked, I would have listened to what they had 
to say and then gone home and done what I think  best for my child.  But that 
is just me!  These guys actually know very little about LIVING with diabetes. 
 They know how to diagnose it and that is about that!

  So, get back together with that first endo and his fellow and insist on 
only seeing them!  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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