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Re: [IP] Has any one tried bitter melon

At 12:21 AM 11/1/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >I am studying natural medicine and was wondering if there was any out there
 >who has tried bitter melon to lower blood sugars and keep them under control?
 >This fruit  can be in juice form or a pill. "It is good for transitional
 >periods of diabetes, or destabilization". It is supposed to be taken for 
2 or
 >3 months at 50 mg a day.
 >I wonder if its worth a try. I Am not a doctor so if anyone does try this 
 >your doctor first .

I have tried bitter melon, but not for any medical reason.  A friend of 
ours who is Chinese made a dish out of it for us for dinner one night.  We 
are pretty open about what we will eat, and we were eager to try it.  I 
have to say that in my opinion it is just plain NASTY.  He loves the stuff, 
though, so I guess it's an acquired taste.

We also tried durian and didn't like that either.  Otherwise our forays 
into Asian food have been quite positive.

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