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Re: [IP] Re: Type I diabetes may affect learning

>"Sept. 19, 2001 (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Type 1, or insulin dependent, 
>can have long term effects on the ability of children to learn, say
>Australian investigators."

I just wanted to add my own bit of encouragement to people out there...I 
know that hypoglycemia affected me in high school, I have always had more 
trouble keeping my sugars from going too low than from going to high.  
However, I was diagnosed at the age of 14.  While that is later than many 
children are diagnosed, I guess my feeling is that supposedly, that still 
could have affected learning.  Anyway, I graduated the valedictorian of my 
high school class, was named one of the top ten Student Athletes in the 
State of Michigan, attended Central Michigan University on a Centralis 
Scholarship (an academic scholarship that paid my full tuition, room and 
board, books, and food for the four years), and will be graduating from CMU 
magna cum laude in December!  (As long as I finish my student teaching this 
semester that is!:))  Just wanted to encourage parents...don't give up hope 
or anything!

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