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[IP] re: breakfast highs / cereal

<<ROBIN RAMM<email @ redacted>
Kevin would be high after breakfast and we changed the bolus ratio. He is 20:1
for all other meals and 15:1 for breakfast!  Novolog has changed the 2 hour pp
for cereal even! We are only 20-40 points above start at this time. Amazing!>>

& also in response to Shelly Tyler's question on high bg after kids eat

With Luke, we've found that he does go pretty high when eating breakfast
cereal, but if we change his carb ratio or bolus extra, he actually ends
up too low at lunch, which is too much of a problem at school.   We have
adjusted his morning basal so that from 3-9am it's higher to keep the 
fasting bg level through the dawn phenomenon.  We've also found that giving 
half of the bolus before eating helps to keep the cereal high down.  
Friends in town do breakfast bolus 30minutes ahead for their 4 year old
daughter - seems like the cereal just comes on so fast.  We're seeing 
similar results with Novolog though as Robin noted - Luke's post-pran. 
bg's in morning are in range the past 2 weeks whereas on Humalog they 
generally were higher.

Hope that helps, Shelly T.
Shelly V, Austin, TX - mom to Luke, 6 (7 in a week), pumping 3/01

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