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Re: [IP] MedicAlert Registration

At 05:09 PM 10/31/01, you wrote:
>Are you guys referring to the medic-alert company that charges you a yearly
>fee go keep a file of medical data should you have a crisis and they call
>Or are you just referring to a medic-alert TYPE charm.  I've often wondered if
>need to keep paying for MedicAlert membership, as the bracelet has basic
>information on it.  Holly

Holly, I would keep the Medic Alert membership.  It's only $15.00 per 
year.  Remember they keep a list of all current medications, and can be 
told about your pump.  You can make it known to them that it is NOT TO BE 
DISCONNECTED by anyone.  they have your Doc's name and number, plus other 
contact information.  Thank god, I've never had to use their service, but I 
feel better knowing it's available.

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