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[IP] Re: Type I diabetes may affect learning

"Sept. 19, 2001 (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Type 1, or insulin dependent, diabetes
can have long term effects on the ability of children to learn, say
Australian investigators."

I am almost always pro science, but I do know of some possible some
variances that might make this a less hard hitting study
My first thought on this study is that sometimes kids with diabetes aren't
focusing on academic learning as much as "listening to your body learning."
When I went to a pediatric endocrinologist and sat in the waiting room with
very young kids, the kids were constantly being told to focus on their
health. Either just by parents gently asking about how they feel, how their
glucose is periodically through the day, or whether they brought down this
or that number yet.   When I am told to focus on something else all day, I
tend not to pay as much attention to what else is going on..like a
scientific test.
Also, I myself am sort of a variance to the case.  In ninth grade (14 yrs
old) I showed all the signs of hypoglycemia, blood sugar and all,  when I
went to the doctor many times, but never showed diabetes until I was a
junior (16), so I recieved minimal treatment.  Second:  I graduated
valedictorian of 750 kids in a school that beat kids in academic
competitions constantly, including jeopardy, and where the kids went to
college.  I realize this is just an anecdote, and I was not diagnposed with
diabetes until 16, but I just don't want anyone to think your kid is going
to grow up dumb
Again, this is a philosophical thought not a scientific one and it certainly
does not deny that hypoglycemia can damage the brain, I just think that kids
with diabetes have more external factors to think about, especially in
puberty, that might slow down their response time to questioning.
Just thought I could reassure some of you that your child STILL can be
whatever he or she wants to be.
Katy Hawes
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