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Re: [IP] diluting

> (i tried to post this the other day, it seems to have bounced back
> so i'm trying again. sorry if it did get through twice in the end)
> my 3 1/2 year old daughter started pumping a couple months ago, and
> some people mentioned diluting insulin. we thought we didnt need to,
> but now we are trying to fine tune a bit more, and it seems like it
> would be helpful.
> However, we've been told that "diluted insulin isnt available here"
> (we live in Israel.) This seems odd to me ; don't people just dilute
> their own when filling the resevior? we diluted in a syringe when
> first diagnosed, so i dont see why this would be so different.
> any help would be appreciated. we have an appointment with out endo,
> and would love to come into the discussion with some more
> information on how/why to do this. (kind of like we did when we
> pushed for the pump in young child ;-) )

Hi Chanie,


This information was supplied by an Insulin-Pumpers mail list

Consult with your health care team before changing your treatment

The following has NOT been verified (or refuted):

The diluent used for Humalog insulin is distributed by Lilly. It is
called "Sterile Diluent for Humulin N, Humulin 50/50, Humulin 70/30,
NPH Iletin". Although the bottle does not say Humalog, the
contributor's doctor reportedly did extensive research and
specifically asked Lilly if the diluent could be used with Humalog.
Although they would not come out and say yes they apparently did
acknowledge that it can be used to dilute Humalog.

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