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[IP] Re: Infusion set for small 6 yr. old

>starting us today says we will use Silhouette Sets.  The Soft set has a
>inserter, the Silhouette doesn't.  The Silhouette has a really long needle,
>my daughter isn't going to like the looks of this.  My daughter is 6 years

Thank you for all the many responses, you all have helped so much.  I
realized I said the wrong name and we have the Quick Sets, which is what so
many of you recommended!  We talked the pump trainer into trying the Quick
Sets and so far they are working great!!!!!  My daughter didn't even jump
when I inserted it and she said she didn't know it was in.  She has slept
all night with her pump and so far is doing very well.  She told her Dad
last night she loved her pump.  Not bad for a first day!!  Now next week we
start insulin.  Will this change anything as far as what she is feeling?  I
have heard of the insulin burning, is this a problem?

Someone mentioned they had trouble disconnecting, I am having trouble
disconnecting it but my daughter can do it herself.

Thank you for all the help, this is a great group of people.

Jan in NC
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