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Re: [IP] HOT Topic, the "Newbie" Debate

email @ redacted wrote:

> I want to address only one other comment that was made to me in response to
> my post.  I have been diabetic and insulin dependent for almost 8 years.  (I
> just turned 29 yesterday)  I am hardly a "newbie."  :)
> I look forward to debating with some of you again!
> Matt in NC

What is a "newbie"?  Since the onset of complications is usually not indicated
until after 10 years, perhaps less than 10 years is a newbie.  To join the
24,900 Club you typically don't take more than that amount of injections until
15 years, perhaps that should be the time you move beyond newbie.  

Me?  I've only been pumping for 3 years, so I consider myself a type of newbie.
As far as the Dm part, 37 years, so I guess I'm part of the "stone age"!   :>)

(I'll send everyone another lancet reminder on New Years, remind yourself till
then, if need be)
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