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[IP] re: Infusion set for small 6 yr. old

<<"JanPorter" <email @ redacted>
My daughter goes in today to have her pump start training.  They will put
the pump on with saline, then next week start with insulin.   We have the
Mini Med pump and they sent us Soft Set Infusion Sets.  The lady that is
starting us today says we will use Silhouette Sets.  The Soft set has a
inserter, the Silhouette doesn't.  The Silhouette has a really long needle,
my daughter isn't going to like the looks of this.>>

Dear Jan in NC,
Tell them to start you off on QuickSets, 6mm cannula (since she's
tiny she's probably also thin) & 23" tubing.  They're great for my
6 year old son - he can do the disconnect so much better than the SofSets,
they don't require any "magic" for adhesion (for us - that may not
be your case), and they do have an inserter, but it's a squatty-thing
instead of the long inserter that comes with the SofSets.  My son really
likes them & has used them since they came out in April.  I don't
recommend the SofSets, based on all the problems we had with them for 
the first month on the pump & all the adhesion problems I saw kids at 
camp having with them during the summer.  Our local Mini-Med rep brought
QuickSets to camp.

We haven't used the Silhouette, but I know what you mean - my son did
not like the look of it at all.

As with any thing it seems in diabetes, your mileage may vary (YMMV).

Good luck.  This list has been wonderfully helpful to us in
getting to smooth pumping.
Shelly V. in Austin, TX, mom to Luke - 6 going on 7 next week, dx'd
10/99 & pumping 3/01 MM508 + QuickSets + Novolog (2 weeks now)

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