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Re: [IP] Breakfast Cereal and HIGHS

> Hi all:
> I am asking this on behalf of another pumping family.
> Her 5 year old (pumoing 1 year) indulges in breakfast cereals some
> mornings, kinds like Life, shredded wheat, cheerios etc. not the
> sugary junk the middle of the road kind.  After eating this he is
> always really high, and she is starting to suspect the carb count
> per serving is off listed on the box?

You won't believe this, but the sugary cereals would actually produce 
better bg results. The sugars used are complex and require time to 
digest. The opposite is true of the "plain" cereals, including things 
like Cherios, Cream of Wheat, etc.... The problem is the glycemic 
index. For highly refined grains, they are converted to glucose very 
rapidly, much faster than the sweetners used in the "sugary" stuff. 
The solution is to let the kid eat junk food, believe it or not :-)

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