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Re: [IP] HOT Topic

>I kinda figured I might ruffle a few feathers with my comment about the reuse
>of lancets and (god forbid) syringes.  As I said in my original comment,
>whatever works for you, go for it.  I simply know that those items were
>intended to be used one time.  I prefer to use them as they were intended.
>If it means buying a few boxes of lancets a month, then I will do it.  I
>found out early on, that this disease was quite expensive.

Expense really has nothing to do with my practice of reusing the lancet. It 
is all a manner of convenience. Carrying around a lot of extra lancets 
(10-12/day), handling the device to change it, disposing (or storage) used 
lancets, yada, yada, yada all amounts to a LOT of extra inconvenience for 
little/no apparent advantage.

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