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Re: [IP] Swimming

> Can anyone please answer the following question? it was the question
> was asked by a parent of a diabetic child. Thanks in advance.
Sounds like this child is on MDI, non-the-less, the solution my 
daughter used while she was on swim team will probably work for this 
kid. Lily found that her bg drop during her workout was equivalent to 
10-15 grams of carb. She would eat some crackers or part of a 
powerbar before the workout so that her bg's would stay in the 80 - 
150 range for the entire time. bg's higher than about 180 impede 
physical performance AND keep the body from adequately metabolizing 
carbs to keep the skin warm -- thus causing chilling when swimming 
and potentially a later much higher bg as the liver produces glucose 
as a result of the demand for carbs to warm the body.

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