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[IP] Re: the pump and the beach

Yes, please, anyone....

I refer to the post from the 30-year-old surfer who loves the beach and is
considering the pump. S(he) wants to know how the pump is affected by heat,
sand, etc. and so do I. I've heard conflicting reports about the subject.
Some people say the heat can render the insulin useless, even when the pump
is in a case and you sit in the shade.  I went to the beach just once this
summer with the pump, had a horrendous experience, and don't know what to
blame it on.  My pump trainer (whose 15-yr-old son is a pumper) swears he
has never had a problem on the beach, and sits there all day, in the sun,
"looking at girls."  I don't know what to believe, and cancelled a vacation
in the Bahamas because of the many fears I have.  I, too, love the beach
and need to know what to do.

Thanks to all who respond.

Thank you.

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