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[IP] Changing Lancets and Needles

Hi, I just copied a short bit from IP:

I change my lancet when it gets uncomfortable. I've no
idea how often
that is, but it isn't frequent, certainly not every
day or every week.
I've been doing this for at least 10 years without any
problem.  I test
at least 8 times a day, usually 10. I don't know of
any reason to 
more frequently. 

> wasn't one of the reasons you decided to go on an
insulin pump the 
> fact that it is healthier for you?  

I'm wondering why you think it is unhealthy. Though I
don't know of any
studies done on lancets, I've read a few studies about
syringes--each of them says they have found NO
infections or other
problems when syringes are re-used several times or
even re-used 
times through clothing. It seems to me that the same
would be true of

>  Maybe you all were kidding, but I have a feeling
that many were not.  

Nope, I'm not kidding. In addition to re-use causing
no problems, it is
better for the environment and is a small savings for
those that have 
pay for supplies.

Now - I use my lancets for one week.  I use two
syringes a day - one for Humalog and one for Lantus;
then throw them out.  I am not advising anyone to do
this, but I have never had any problems either.  The
only thing I'll say about this (and this is me being a
nurse!):  Blood and human tissue (some of which
adheres to the needles and lancets) is wonderful food
for bacteria - so be careful.  I think a month is
really pushing your luck, but who knows.  I guess
everyone must do what they feel most comfortable with.

Pat - (pumped - empty, but pumped and waiting to be primed!!!)

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