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[IP] Re: Changing Lancets/syringes

Kathy, you shouldn't be so trusting of capitalistic corporations. 
I've also seen those pictures of used syringes, but they are 
published by syringe manufacturers who make money the more they sell. 
I made a similar picture under a microscope of a 1/3 cc syringe 
before and after 24 injections, and quite frankly, one couldn't see 
any difference.  I sent the pics to BD and asked them what they did 
to their syringe to make it look so awful after only 1 use.  They 
only said that they had a higher power microscope to examine syringes 
yadda, yadda, yadda, and questioned my set up.  But this was evasive, 
as we have quite sophisticated scopes here at Johns Hopkins U. 
Bottom line is that if you just carefully cap the syringe, it takes a 
whole lot of soft skin punctures to damage steel.   And there's no 
danger of infection at all. Zero. This has been studied and proven, 
even with injections through clothing.  The main problem is that the 
needles have a coating that does reduce friction as it goes in, and 
that does wear off with a few injections.   But the tip stays quite 
  Anyway aren't you glad you're a pumper now and don't have to worry 
about that?    *S*

<<<<<<<I'm all for saving money and I only change lancets once a 
day...they get too
blunt for me otherwise :(
But the syringes???  Gee, didn't you ever see the pics in diabetic magazines
as to what a needle looks like after one use?  I would have died using one
per month cause it would have hurt so badly!!!  How did you manage that?
Kathy B.>>>>>>>>
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