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RE: [IP] Changing Lancets

Oh, come on.  Share the story.  I can practically promise you we'll tear it 
to shreds! (In a very civil way, of course.)

I agree about not using alcohol, though.  That just loosens the dirt.


At 10:33 PM 10/29/01 -0700, you wrote:
 >First of all, thank you all so much!  I've been diabetic for over 20 years
 >and have ALWAYS reused my lancets.  In fact, looking back on it, I think it
 >was my very own father (who is a surgeon) who just taught me to wipe off the
 >tip with alcohol before each use.  I only change them when I feel guilty and
 >I've NEVER had a problem.
 >But I went for my pump start at the beginning of this month and the minimed
 >trainer who is a pump user told me that I should never reuse lancets and
 >never use alcohol and told me a story (I won't share, I promise) that scared
 >me to death.  It's haunted me a bit since then and I actually bought my
 >first box of lancets this past weekend (before I never used up the freebies
 >I got with each new glucometer).
 >Now I know that I'm not a "bad diabetic" <G> and that I can keep on doing
 >what's worked for me for 20 years (YMMV).  But I just had to say thank you
 >(I really was worried until that post) you all made me realize that A) I'm
 >not alone and B) whatever works for you...works for you.  But keep that in
 >mind and be nice to the newbie - would ya!  ;o)  Thanks for making me grin!
 >By the way, anyone interested in a brand-spankin-new box of lancets???
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 >Well, Matt, you certainly know how to get a discussion going!  LOL
 >I have to admit, I smiled when I read your post.  (I also wondered if you
 >were a relatively new diabetic, but was too lazy to look for a profile.
 > ;-) )
 >I think if you talk to long-term diabetics, you will find many (and I mean
 >MANY) who reuse lancets--and who reuse(d) syringes when on MDI.  I change my
 >lancet--geez, I don't even know--maybe 2 to 3 times a year?  As long as I'm
 >getting blood without any trouble, I use it.  The new ones hurt like hell on
 >I've been diabetic for 23 years and I have never had a skin infection of any
 >kind.  My endo has a *very* busy practice, specializing in diabetics, and he
 >is well aware of what many of his patients are doing and has no issue with
 >it.  As many IPers have already pointed out, the evidence simply doesn't
 >support that it's unhealthy or causes infections.  Even my CDE, who is a
 >fellow diabetic, reuses some of her supplies.
 >If you like to change yours every time, by all means, do.  YMMV.   :-)
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