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[IP] Re: sleeping with pump

In a message dated 10/29/01 5:02:12 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I bought one of those money belts that you wear under your clothes for
 travelers.  I think I bought it at a Totes Store but you could probably find
 one at any store that sells accessories for travelers, possible Bag & 
 It's very soft material, lightweight, and comfortable.  I bought the Minimed
 waist pouch for sleeping and didn't like it at all (too bulky, not as soft,
 felt confining to me).  The travelers belt that I'm recommending is beige in
 color, has an adjustable strap, and has a small white net-looking pocket
 inside the main zip compartment.  The inner pocket is the right size for my
 pump.  This has been my solution.  Hope it helps.
 Sharon >>

I use the waist pouch from Minimed and it works for me but I will keep my 
eyes open for this.  I also turn around in my sleep alot.  I have also pined 
it to a night shirt in a sock when I couldn't find the waist pouch or put in 
in gym shorts but usually if falls out.

Type 1 28 years, pumping 2 + years
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