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Re: [IP] Re: TC's changing lancets comments

> Like, Matt from NC, I think the lancets need to be changed everytime
> they are used.  Now I must admit that doesn't always happen here,
> but I do make sure they get changed several times a day.  At Cory's
> last endo visit the resident endo said that he had a viral infection
> similiar to warts on several of his fingers.  He said this was due
> to the fingers and/or lancet not being clean.  I thought those
> "bumps" were callouses so this was news to me. 

There are two separate problems here.

1) yes, lancets do make the fingers tough and will cause callouses
2) IF he has a wart he is unaware of on his finger, punching it with 
a lancet will spread it both deeper, and if the lancet is reused, to 
another spot on the finger or another finger -- guess how we found 
out..... But, if he knows he has a wart on a particular finger and 
avoids the finger until the wart is removed all will be well..... we 
also found that out :-)  ..... several warts on 1 finger ZAPPED! Lily 
does clean her lancet after each use with the alcohol pad she uses to 
prep her finger -- can't get her to quit that part and just use soap.

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