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Re: [IP] Changing Lancets

Well, Matt, you certainly know how to get a discussion going!  LOL

I have to admit, I smiled when I read your post.  (I also wondered if you 
were a relatively new diabetic, but was too lazy to look for a profile.  ;-) )

I think if you talk to long-term diabetics, you will find many (and I mean 
MANY) who reuse lancets--and who reuse(d) syringes when on MDI.  I change my 
lancet--geez, I don't even know--maybe 2 to 3 times a year?  As long as I'm 
getting blood without any trouble, I use it.  The new ones hurt like hell on 

I've been diabetic for 23 years and I have never had a skin infection of any 
kind.  My endo has a *very* busy practice, specializing in diabetics, and he 
is well aware of what many of his patients are doing and has no issue with 
it.  As many IPers have already pointed out, the evidence simply doesn't 
support that it's unhealthy or causes infections.  Even my CDE, who is a 
fellow diabetic, reuses some of her supplies.

If you like to change yours every time, by all means, do.  YMMV.   :-)

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