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Re: [IP] starting pump/carb counting

Hi Pam,

The pump is much more forgiving than injections when you need to adjust for a 
meal that wasn't eaten or when you ate less than you thought you would.  The 
couple of times that has happened to me, I simply turned off my pump so that 
I wouldn't be piling the basal dose on top of my bolus for the meal.

Better yet:  If you have delayed digestion, you might also benefit from using 
the square-wave bolus, so that you can extend your bolus for the meal over a 
longer duration of time.  (Rather than giving the bolus all at once, you can 
specify the time period over which you want the insulin delivered--for 
example, 2 units over 2 hours and so on.)  Ask your trainer about this.  

Don't worry, the pump will be able to help you with this much more 
efficiently than injections!

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