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Re: [IP] considering pump

In a message dated 10/29/2001 4:03:56 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I surf occasionally and love the water and 
>  beach (I live in Los Angeles). So naturally I'm concerned about the 
>  with sand, sweat and water surrounding pumps. Is there anyone out there 
>  me that has had success with the pump? I want to talk with you.

We spent 3 weeks in Hawaii this summer and my 10 year old daughter was on the 
sand and in the water every day, often more than once.  She didn't do any 
surfing this year, but she did boogie boarding & snorkeling (plus the usual 
horse play in the water that kids do) and had no problems with her Animas 
pump or her infusion sets.

A couple of times she chose to disconnect (for "aesthetic reasons"), but most 
of the time she wore her pump in a neoprene sports belt (to keep her $5,000 
dollar pump from falling off and getting lost in the ocean) -- when we're at 
the pool she just clips it to her bikini bottoms.  We also use Mastisol 
adhesive (it's a liquid that you apply with a q-tip, and then wait until it's 
tacky before you insert your set) and that keeps the sets "well stuck" 
through it all. 

She (and we) love how the pump allows for a much better quality of life now 
(feels really good, not having to "feed" the NPH, able to sleep in and eat 
when/what she wants) and has proven to be an amazing help in gettting the 
kind of control that should help ward off complications in the long run (her 
first post-pump Hb A1c was 6.1 -- beating our best A1c on shots of 7.4, and 
with fewer lows -- and this was done about a month after we got back from 

I'm sure you'll here from so active adult pumpers, but I wanted to share our 
experience with you and encourage you to seriously consider pumping --- you 
won't regret it.

Pumpmama to Katie
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